PV Endeavors is a full service multimedia design and video production firm. We specialize in unique content and pride ourselves in our fresh approach to branding and image. Where many firms create a final product that you will be happy with, we create a final product that you never even imagined possible.

Our Approach

Welcome to the idea factory that we call PV Endeavors.  Above all we consider ourselves storytellers. We believe within every project, company, or campaign lies a story waiting to be told.  Instead of simply producing one part of a project, we pull a series of ideas together integrating a campaign that starts an audience thinking, laughing, or smiling after they experience the content. We evoke positive emotion that creates a bond between the viewer and the content. We tell your story.



Thank you for your time and the chance to work with Alive at 25.  Please feel free to contact either one of us with further questions or concerns.


Steven Shoppman and Naren Tichy

Steven Shoppman

Naren Tichy

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Video Production

After driving 77,000 miles around the world, filming a documentary the entire time, Steven Shoppman was honored by National Geographic Adventure Magazine as an Adventurer of the Year for 2009. This video was edited for the readers choice competition.

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The Bolivian Death road is a renowned road between La Paz and Brazil that has claimed thousands of lives with its sheer thousand foot drop offs. We like our videos to take people somewhere and this video is one of our favorite examples of this.

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This video was filmed with Jose Cuervo on a special tour of the agave fields and headquarters of the brand. It was used for a web promotion with www.sloshspot.com.

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Additional Video Production Clients

Barefoot Wines
Alliance for Sustainable Colorado
Dr. Neptune Band
Bias Magazine
Browne and Associates
Current TV
HD Net
Nice Drive Television Show


Web Design

APDC needed a new website to better reflect their organization. With WordPress, we created a new online image for the company that allows them to incorporate social media and gives a voice to all the different divisions of the organization.

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Follow that Fire Engine is an expedition with the goal of driving a fire engine around the world to raise money for lung cancer. We have been working with the crew from the start on this website showcasing the journey.

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Additional Web Clients

Partners for Colorado
The Real Alaska
Home Accent Warehouse
Mary Seawell for School Board
The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
Black Cat Fireworks
Comfort Dental
Browne and Associates Landscaping
Colorado Financial Management
On Sight Public Affairs
Rainforest Capital
Chezron Racing
Crooked Stave Brewery
Dye Designs Golf Course Design Firm


Social Media

From Facebook to Twitter to shareworthy content, we know social media.  You may have heard terms in the past like viral video or viral content.  At PV we see it a little differently.  A virus is generally something that you get for a while and then want to get rid of.  It spreads quickly, but in most cases, after it is gone the only memory you have of it was the uncomfortableness of the flu or the cold you had.

What if the content was not viral, but something people actively wanted to pass from one person to another?  Instead of  a piece of gossip, the content becomes an idea that spreads to other people and gains momentum that lasts for the long term.  What if the content is something that not only generates interest and increased traffic or sales, but instead something that generates respect for your organization or company?

We believe that everything you put your time and money into should be an extension of the quality and good name of your establishment. Our goal with all of our social media efforts is for your company’s long term good and image, not just fading trends or fads.


Pr and Promotions

It is often the case that when hiring a design firm, later a PR firm is needed to get the public’s eye.  It is also often the case that with a PR firm, later a design firm is needed to follow through with the promotions in the works.  With more people involved in a process, more chances exist for mistakes or lack of follow through on good ideas.

We have managed many successful PR campaigns and have the expertise to use social media and other techniques to leverage your marketing dollars for better results.  What we do best is integration of the whole process and that integration saves you money.


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